You're back! :O

Hello! We’re sort-of back, but it won’t be permanent. Admin N and I are both on winter break, and so I had some time yesterday to finish a few drafts I had sitting around. 

We have to head back to school soon, though, so that’s the end of our free time. We’ll both try to keep writing, but can’t make any promises :/

Thanks for sticking with us though!

-Admin T

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Baby Don’t Cry

Final installment of the Luhan/Mermaid story. Recap time!

Part one: terrible storm, prince Luhan saved by mysterious girl, who trades her mermaid life for a human life, in order to get three days to save him. 

Part two: mission complete, and both our characters are very much alive and well. Aww, look at them being so cute together .

Part three (this part): Let me smash your little OTP into pieces. 

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Heart Attack

Continuing the Luhan/Unnamed Girl story

Part 2 of 3

Recap: Luhan, crown prince of a seaside nation, had been lost in a storm where his ship was destroyed. A mermaid, who had fallen in love with him from a distance, saved his life and kept him afloat. She traded her tail and voice in order to become human and bring him to shore, and now he has awoken to meet her. 

Read Part 1 here (x)

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EXO as Ice Cream Flavors

  • Xiumin: Strawberry cheesecake
  • Luhan: Pistachio
  • Kris: Coffee/Mocha
  • Suho: Toffee crunch
  • Baekhyun: Orange sherbert
  • Lay: Butter pecan
  • Chen: Chocolate peanut butter swirl
  • Chanyeol: Rocky road
  • D.O.: Green tea
  • Tao: Blue raspberry
  • Kai: Chocolate cherry
  • Sehun: Mint chocolate chip
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Black Pearl

Luhan/Mystery girl (basically Reader; I just didn’t want to write “you” all the time because it would make the story too confusing)

Part 1 of 3

Royal AU where he is the crown prince of a seaside kingdom and you are….well, you are something else


[song link] (<——play it quietly in the background; it should add to the story, not interfere with it! Turn it off if you have to)

The ropes were taught, reigning in the schooner’s full sails as gusts of wind propelled the ship towards shore. A thin sliver on the horizon, peaked with a single point, was the only visible sign of civilization from Luhan’s ship, which was still several leagues out at sea. 

How tiny life seemed from the ocean, how inconsequential the kingdom appeared surrounded by dark azure. Even the palace, which usually towered over the thriving acropolis, seemed stunted from the ship’s deck. The highest tower of the castle was but a point, a knot in a stone-colored streak on the otherwise endless blue horizon. 

"We’re almost home, men," Luhan said quietly, tucking his telescope away and returning to his cabin, "If we hurry, we’ll be back by sunset". He glanced once more at the open sea, blinked as a motion in the waves seemed unnatural, and then dismissed the thought with the shake of the head. He must have been in the sun for too long, or seen an odd angle of the light.

There couldn’t be anyone out there, after all. 

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Hi, would you write a Kyuhyun scenario, when you play volleyball together?? thank you so much!! your blog is amazing *A*

Aww thanks! We’re sorry we’ve been so inactive lately; it’s been a busy summer. We’ll add your request to the list and get to it as soon as we can!

P.S. I’m a Kyuhyun bias too ;)

-Admin T

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Oh I love you guys <3

The post you saw yesterday was just an April Fool’s. I’m not leaving the blog, I’m not leaving the fandom, I’m not angry or stressed or irritated with anyone. Admin N and I are still best friends forever, and we’re not fighting or avoiding writing, either. 

We just haven’t been posting because we’ve been busy doing each other homework (you have my permission to start shipping us ;D).

Anyway, thanks for reading our prank, thanks for sticking around with us, and thanks to the one anon who messaged us (if you had messaged us again, we would have let you in on the prank, as a “you’re a nice person and we like that” award).

See you guys again soon (we’ll be around for a while, I promise). If I have time later today, I’ll post an apology drabble for you all to read too <3

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Bye Admin T :( I'll miss you.

Thanks anon, I’ll miss you too <3

Ugh, this is so depressing. Message me off anon and we can talk, yeah? 

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Okay that’s it.

I’m sorry everyone, but I am beyond ticked off. Like, if you reply to this, I’ll probably rip your head off and feed it to my mutant cat.

I don’t have a mutant cat. 

It would probably be less of a hassle than this blog, though >:(

What I’m saying is, this blog is a lot of work, and Admin N and I have both been really stressed lately. We haven’t been agreeing on things, and sometimes we don’t write because we put each other in such bad moods. That’s why the blog’s been so quiet lately; that’s why we’ve been trying to talk to you—we’re too annoyed to actually write, but we don’t want to let the blog fall silent either. I tried filling up the empty space with conversation, but it didn’t work, as you can see.

So I’m done, guys. Completely and utterly done. This just isn’t worth it anymore, for me at least. I have university to look forward to, and AP tests soon, and personal projects like Girl Scouts and Quizbowl. It’s not like EXO’s going to comeback soon anyway. They’ve been so quiet, I don’t have anything to write about them, and I’m tired of that.

I realize I sound like a self-entitled brat.

But I’m done. I’m done with having no new material. I’m done with having arguments and stress. I’m done with working on something I have no time for. I’m done.

I have to leave the blog. I’m sorry everyone, but I am so frigging done with everything. 

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How the eff do you reply to comments?

Ugh, I am such a technological fail. Since I’ve yet to figure out how to reply to your replies, Exometry and Chennest, I’m just going to start another post here and pretend I know what I’m doing XD 

First of all, HIIII! 

Second of all, THANK YOU FOR REPLYING. I feel much less awkward now that I have people to talk to.

Third of all, to answer your questions, I’ll tell you about UCI/UOP (putting in a ‘read more’ so I don’t spam the dashes of everyone else)

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